Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lower the temperature of your laptop

Here are some tips to decrease the temperature of  laptop for better performance:

1. Basically the common problems experienced by laptop is hot, even in normal use the laptop will get hot, try using a laptop in a cool place.

2. Do not use laptops on soft surfaces like carpet, bed, or your lap. because the soft surface will inhibit the airflow under the laptop and will cause overheating or excessive heat.

3. Water is something that should be kept away from the laptop, although it will be dry and the laptop will work as before, the circuit in the laptop will be rusty and constraints on laptop will increase. So the efficiency of the battery will be reduced, and the effects are decreased when using a laptop (eg the battery will last 2 hours initially in a state of full, then continue to be reduced to 1 hour)

4. Keep your laptop clean, because the dirty air vents will cause high heat. Clean the laptop on a regular basis to maintain a constant temperature minimum.

5. Do not use a laptop a dusty place. Dust entering the laptop will inhibit air flow and will be difficult to clean. Try using a laptop in clean place.

6. Always use a notebook cooler or cooling pad. The tools used under this laptop is very effective for lowering the temperature of the laptop. This allows you to use the laptop for a long time without worrying about your laptop will experience overheating.

7. Avoid places with high temperatures. Do not leave your laptop in direct sunlight because it will cause the battery quickly drains. Better to use a laptop in confined spaces.

8. Do not use a laptop in a small room. Narrow room will cause the heat on the laptop does not flow well which will cause heating in all components of the laptop.

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