Sunday, October 31, 2010

Damage Caused by Using The Mouse

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a disorder that occurs in our wrists because blood circulation is not running properly end a lot of fat that accumulate there and cause pain around our wrists.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a disease caused by disruption of nerves was due to the pressure that occurs in this part of the wrist causing pain, muscle pain and muscle weakness in the wrist.

Beware!, These diseases are accumulation, will we feel when we are old.

To avoid this we must consider several things as follows:

Grip Mouse
Using a small mouse that may look cute cute for you, but a small mouse that often makes us tired, because of its small whole surface of the palm of our hands do not touch the mouse's back, this causes our fingers get tired and weary, because the thumb and little finger hold and move the mouse, choose a mouse that is comfortable to the hold, where the entire surface of our hands can hold back and we move it any easier

Mouse movement of the elbow
Indeed if this applied very difficult for us but moving the mouse premises using the tribe is good for us, where all movement at the point of the elbow stack through our hands, this will alleviate our wrists in the works.
Optimal Mouse position Arrange your seating as comfortable as possible to hold the mouse button, the form of a comfortable position is our hands are parallel or slightly above the table position than with the mouse so that with so we do not hang our hands to the table and avoid our hands to bend continuously sample position comfortable to work with the mouse can be viewed at this site (Humanscale, Proformix, Flexrest, 3M)

Keep your wrist
Try to put your wrists on a flat table, you will see after the palm of your hand at the wrist you will find a small indentation translucent or you can tuck a pencil there, it states that the area around your wrist needs an area that is free from touch or pressure.

Keep your blood circulation
It should be noted, everything is a disease most often caused because the circulation in our bodies is not true, for that we must always guard it by drinking plenty of water and sports (badminton, basketball and more sports that move the wrist) of course , as we all know we are a lot of the main pulse pulse moving from the wrist so that it becomes increasingly important.

Do not use wrist rests 
Use the rest for your wrist, especially harsh, as it means you put pressure on the carpal tunnel 2X in your wrist so that it causes constriction occurs in the vessels of blood vessels and nerves to the existence of this fact can you get carpal tunnel speed syndrome (CTS).

Avoid movement of the hand that is not free 
Usually there is a chair seat which has a characteristic rest his arm for us to lock hands, so this causes us to be more likely to use our wrists to move the mouse.

Using the mouse and the pc is intense indeed not a good thing but it's good if you train so you can give your hands a rest for about 2 minutes to do streching not to touch the mouse, there is also software that will record remindernya use your mouse and keyboard here Magnitude ErgoManager, Break reminder

Shape of the mouse
Find a mouse that is almost a flat and have a size similar to our hands like a mouse from this vendor Whale Perfit mouse or the mouse because the mouse is more spur you to move your hand instead of your wrist.


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