Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tips to create and memorize passwords

In the information age, we live and work is restricted by password, so no stranger to words like "Please enter your password", whether appearing on a computer screen or on-screen mobile phone, credit cards, ATM cards, door security systems, or various another PIN to protect access to various information and other important operations.

Many office workers have a 3 to 5 word password just to work and it is estimated that within ten years, users may have to use passwords more than 100 words! Since the word more and more people use passwords, how to choose words to be used as a word but it is easy to remember passwords and secure?

There are some basic things that should always be remembered whenever you make a pasword
1. Do not use your name or the name of a member of your family,even in a modified form.
2. Do not use your vehicle's license plate number, your phone number,your ID card number, or your address. Such information can easilydiscovered by a hacker who persevere.
3. Do not use the word password that is entirely made up of letters ornumbers. A relatively simple computer program can solveSuch code quickly.
4. Lastly, do not use words that can be found in the dictionaryanywhere, even in a foreign language dictionary. There was once a long listcontains the words, place names, and pronouns in all languages. Programmescan try variations of these words, such as whether the wordsspelled backwards, capitalized, or combined.
So, what kind of word password should be used? Usually, the wordpassword must have at least six to eight characters and ahave a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation. Howsolve difficult was it a combination of such a character? A sourcesaid that "a machine that can try millions of passwords per second word(Most machines can try less than one hundred per second),takes, on average, more than one hundred years.
How do I choose a combination that is easy to remember? Try to follow the advicefollowing:
1. Use the title of a book or a favorite movie or a song lyric or poemand use the first letter of each word as your password word, thenadd capital letters, punctuation or other characters. For example, "I loveyou too "become" IloveU2 ".
2. Consonants interspersed with one or two vowels to form wordsdoes not mean anything but it can be spoken. For example, "MiaWo" or"ALOalo". Or we can use two short words connectedwith a punctuation character, such as "Honey? Me" or "Remember = Adina".
Although not all words are passwords have the same security leveland not all programs can receive a certain character or recognize letterslarge, the above suggestions can still be considered so that the informationimportant thing you can be protected from people who try to find out.And remember it is important to change your password periodically said.